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"I grew up on folk, rock 'n roll, pop, jazz, and good soul music. My family was progressive in their approach to my upbringing," says the Los Angeles born singer who has worked with acts like BILLY IDOL, CHRIS ISSAK, MIKI HOWARD and most recently ROD STEWART. As fate would have it, PINK FLOYD (the Godfathers of Psychedelia) gave Lorelei her first exposure to the road on their "Momentary Lapse of Reason "and "Delicate Sound of Thunder" tours. She followed that by touring with the ROLLING STONES. Both the Stones and The Floyd gave her the chance to be both operatic and bluesy, featuring her in duet with MICK JAGGER on "GIMMIE SHELTER" and "GREAT GIG IN THE SKY" respectively. Early on Lorelei's singing, songwriting and arranging talent caught the attention of producer NILE RODGERS (CHIC, MADONNA, DAVID BOWIE) who recorded her songs with SISTER SLEDGE and PHILLIP BAILEY of Earth Wind and Fire with whom she sang featured vocal harmonies. Lorelei’s additional credit highlights include: LOU REED (backing him with GRACE JONES & DEBBIE HARRY) AARON NEVILLE, DONNY OSMOND, ALBERT COLLINS, and the WE ARE FAMILY FOUNDATION All Stars. WAFF is an organization Lorelei continues to support and work with at their annual fund raising Galas whenever she’s in New York off tour. Lorelei has performed in film with The Rolling Stones, for Spike Lee in "Summer of Sam", Malcolm Lee in "The Best Man", on television on the Grammy's with Lou Reed," Live in Venice" with Pink Floyd, "Live in Barcelona" with The Rolling Stones, "On The Road" with Mark Collie, numerous music videos, live concert tours and in the recording studio. She has ventured into the world of production, co-producing music for XBox, movie house commercials and promoting Classic R&B and House Music concert events for the internationally renowned Underground Network and Soul Party NYC. A brief move back to LA in 2008 led to an amazing series of appearances on LA's premier Classic Rock and R&B radio station K Earth 101 FM with morning show DJ Gary Bryan. He honored Ms. McBroom's career by interviewing her, a record 7 times in 2010! The interviews included 3 guest spots singing live for the stations 'Office of the Day' winners and a featured series called "On the road with Rod Stewart". Conducted during his 'Soul Book Tour', Rod and the band visited Europe, (with highlights throughout the UK), Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Moscow. "Rod is one of my favorite singers and his band is soulful and rockin'! Gary Bryan is a terrific DJ, host and person, and I will always be grateful to him for the features he did with me!" In the fall of 2011 Lorelei joined The Australian Pink Floyd Show, known as the world’s BEST Pink Floyd tribute band. They tour annually throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Lorelei and her sister Durga McBroom (who made guest appearances in 2011 and 2012) performed and videotaped a duo version of "Great Gig In the Sky" with the Aussies. The YouTube posting of their Anaheim California performance is approaching 300,000 views. "I really missed Pink Floyd's music and given David Gilmour's statement after Richard Wright's death in 2008 that Pink Floyd would never tour again, that lead me to the world's best Floydian tribute band. I am proud to work with them! It's also wonderful to have continuous work performing this wonderful catalog of material around the planet. 24 years and counting says a lot for The Australian Pink Floyd’s credibility. While working with Nick Mason & Durga McBroom, at the "Goodwood Festival of Speed" during the summer of 2012, Nick told me the Aussies have performed more gigs than we (Pink Floyd) did!" Lorelei will continue to split her focus between backing and lead singing for multiple projects that interest her. "Let’s see what the future holds. I will be contributing to music, film and television for years to come!"

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Who Influenced You? - Personal Life, Family, Friends, Mentors, etc...

My big sisters Marcia and Dana were professional dancers and I wanted to be like them. Marcia was also modeling and I loved her style. She wore lots of exotic brightly colored clothes from her travels around the world.

Who Influenced You? - Business, Career, Occupation, Profession, etc...

My Mother was a Doctor and I considered medicine but decided medical school would take a very long time and I had been studying music since I was 4. I chose music at 16 and my Mom supported my dream. She had been a concert pianist. She insisted I learn about the music business so I took private voice lessons, dance classes and music business courses at UCLA and USC. I even took a semester in film at Cal State Northridge. Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Carole King, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Billie Holiday, and Ashford and Simpson all influenced my taste and approach to music and singing.

Who Influenced You? - Other

Learning about self awareness, Hinduism and meditation as a teenager influenced my view of being human on earth. My Father was very political. His history with Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., and Malcolm X influenced my interest in politics.

People, Places & Topics Of Influence You Are Interested In

Ive been traveling since I was 3. By the time I was 20 I'd been to Europe, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Asia, and India. Traveling taught me to respect other cultures. It put being an American into perspective. Learning about the accomplishments of ancient Egyptians gave me a positive view of African cultures and Black Americans.

If You Could Meet Or Speak With Someone Who Influenced You Who Is Alive Or No Longer Alive Who Would It Be?

Nelson Mandela, President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Audrey Hepburn come to mind.

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David Bryant and I conceived this site and it's content.